SOP Simplification | Malcom Associates
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Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Simplification

 The Malcom SOP Simplification process:

  • Eliminates inconsistent and non-value-added instructions
  • Rationalizes all data requirements and work instructions to eliminate redundancy, duplication and unnecessary cross-referencing
  • Writes instructions that are “user-friendly”, follows the actual process, and helps eliminate potential process risk
  • Defines tasks and necessary activities to be performed
  • Ensures that the process flow and steps are in the correct order
  • Reduces the potential for errors and eliminate deviations
  • Eliminates unnecessary document cross references
  • Reduces the need for re-training and SOP revisions
  • This results in SOPs that are easier to read, easier to understand, and easier to execute

If you are ready to simplify your SOP, Contact Us.