Process-Mapping | Malcom Associates
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Simplify and Improve Workflow

Current workflows can create unnecessary compliance issues, inconsistencies, systemic gaps, and time to a process.

Malcom’s assessment and process mapping solution provides an objective/outside perspective to identify potential systemic, procedural, and inter-relational gaps with recommendations to simplify the workflow and improve efficiencies.

Our consultants work closely with the client subject-matter-experts (SMEs) to understand the current processes, systems, and workflow to:

  • Compare and contrast inputs/outputs
  • Identify steps/tasks performed
  • Identify internal work-arounds/customization developed by SMEs to get process to work
  • Identify interfaces with other systems
  • Develop and verify ‘As-Is’ process map(s) and workflow
  • Confirm gaps in the ‘As Is’ process
  • Develop ‘To-Be’ future state process map(s) and workflow
  • Incorporate industry ‘best practices’ that can be applied for consistency and added simplicity
  • Confirm potential improvements for the ‘To Be’ future state process map(s)
  • Identify SOP/documentation red-lines to support the ‘To Be’ process
  • Identify training/skill sets required to simplify and maintain simplified workflow

Areas where we have simplified and improved workflows: (not inclusive)

  • Batch Record
  • Batch Record Review and Release Process
  • Batch Record Issuance
  • 510(K) Submission and Supporting Processes
  • Label Issuance and Reconciliation
  • Customer Order and Service
  • Process/MES Workflow
  • Change Control Routing and Approval
  • In-process Sample Chain of Custody

Contact Us today to learn how Malcom Associates can help your organization simplify and improve its workflow and take a look at our workflow case study to learn more about our capabilities and expertise.