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" I like the new format, it makes it easier for both the users and myself (as a reviewer), to notice where entries are required and where entries are missing, as well as easier to notice whether or not the result recorded is in compliance with the specification" -Quality Operations, Batch Record Review
" I liked the approach and methodology, involving the SMEs from the Operations and QA areas working together to improve our Records and redesign of the information flow. The redesigned Records will support our cGMP enhancement initiative, increase our work capacity, and improve right first time for us." -Operations Director
" I feel that the redesigned Batch Record is a great improvement over our current Batch Record that should allow us (as managers) the time needed to concentrate on more important tasks, rather than spending excessive time on record review and investigations." -Operations Manager
“ On our last FDA audit, the investigator reviewed over 60 Batch Records and no errors were found. The investigator complimented us on the clarity of the records and ease of reviewing the completed documents. The audit only took 2 days versus the 5 days scheduled. I attribute this mostly due to the redesigned Batch Records that showed we took steps to improve our workflow and processes. The investment to do the redesign paid for itself and was absolutely worth it.” -Vice President Quality Assurance
“ I like that the redesigned documents are simpler to use because redundant entries and instructions were removed. I also like that the documents are easier to follow and are aligned with the actual process flow. -Production Supervisor
“ Malcom Associates took proprietary interest from day one. Their experience, depth of knowledge, and determination to get it right has resulted in documentation that is compliant, easy to understand, and most importantly, approved by our sharpest critics….the people closest to the process! Job well done.” -Manager Manufacturing Documentation & Training
“ Congratulations to our personnel and the Malcom team on great execution of the project. This will be key to our ability to meet our quality and manufacturing goals as we grow in the coming years." -VP Operations