Are you ready EBR/MES?

Are you ready for Electronic Batch Records (EBR)/Manufacturing Execution System (MES)? Companies continue to underestimate the value of addressing their documentation and workflow in order to implement EBR/MES effectively. EBR/MES benefits will not be fully realized until you 'lean the existing paper batch record documentation and workflow FIRST'. The 'leaning' process provides a true road map to implement EBR/MES effectively by eliminating redundant information, determining necessary data transactions, interfaces with other systems, and will identify requirements and answer numerous questions that will be overlooked when defining user and functional specifications.

Our program will:

  • Lean the Batch Record for easier migration to EBR/MES
  • Eliminate redundant information and identify what data to integrate to EBR/MES
  • Develop a strategy for interface and implementation of electronic systems
  • Validate or invalidate user and functional requirement specifications
  • Define what processes are ready for EBR/MES and where current systems are under-utilized
  • Revise and create SOPs to support and comply with system functionality and interfaces

Electronic Batch Rercord

"Over 80 % of our clients are exploring EBR/MES and utilize Malcom's methodology to validate and/or invalidate EBR/MES requirements and the actual production process workflow"